About Us

A Loving Spoonful is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan Society that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV and co-existing illness in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Every week, all year round, since 1989, our volunteers deliver frozen meals and groceries to individuals and families who are HIV+ and primarily homebound. Our average meal cost is only $4.33.

Ultimately, A Loving Spoonful is about food, love, hope and compassion. This means we aim to help those who need it most with nourishing meals, healthy grocery options and the support of a registered dietician.

On average, we provide approximately 100,000 meals each year to those most vulnerable in the community, living with chronic, life threatening illness and many of whom are isolated and dealing with multiple physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Our History

A Loving Spoonful started in 1989, sprung from nothing more than Easter Armas’s determination that no one living with AIDS should live with hunger. She saw an acquaintance of hers, a brilliant lawyer who had lost his job because he was HIV-positive, eating from a dumpster. She was devastated. November 19, 1989 marked the first of many Easter’s Sundays, monthly dinners held at McLaren House for people living with HIV/AIDS. Each meal was lovingly prepared by volunteers, and there was often entertainment. Easter’s Sundays aimed to diminish the isolation felt by people with AIDS by providing food, community, and comfort. From the determination of one woman and her tireless friends, the Vancouver Meals Society was born. It was the first meal program in Canada to provide free meals for people living with HIV/AIDS. They had five clients.

In 1994, the Vancouver Meals Society was re-named A Loving Spoonful. Our clients now include more than 250 adults and children in Greater Vancouver.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that no one living with AIDS lives with hunger. Achieving our mission requires the loving, coordinated effort of a community of volunteers, staff, donors and supporters. It is through this dedicated support that A Loving Spoonful has been able to provide our services free of charge for almost twenty years.


A Loving Spoonful receives 77% of its funding from private donations and grants, rather than government funding.